Redefining Blameless Post-Mortem Terminology

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Post-mortem: the practice of analysing and discussing an incident soon after it has occurred, especially in order to understand how the incident occurred and to learn from it.



Scrum is a Cargo Cult

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Beware: Scrum may harm your organisation. Be agile or be not, there is no “doing” agile.

Effective Team Retrospectives

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In my experience team retrospectives are the single most powerful practice to enable Kaizen, i.e. a continual improvement process. In this article I describe how I structure effective team retrospectives.

You Ain’t Gonna Need It – YAGNI

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All to often products get cluttered with features that someone believes might be useful, without the actual need for them being verified. Feature creep makes a product more expensive, not only in regards to development cost, but more importantly also in regards to maintenance. One should avoid developing a feature, if you ain’t gonna need it.

Zero Waste

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Waste reduction is an effective way to increase profitability. Keeping technical debt low increases business agility an reduces the risk of unconsciously getting into a state of debt overload where all available resources are bound exclusively to pay back interests, effectively bringing development to a halt. Having shared values and principles supporting continual improvement and refactoring is an effective way to create sustainable systems and retaining flexibility.

Don’t Repeat Yourself – DRY

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Applying the DRY principle substantially lowers the effort for maintenance and development of software systems, thus increasing agility and resulting in a more productive and motivated working environment.


Why Leaders Eat Last

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Simon Sinek on why leaders make you feel safe.


The Boy Scout Rule

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Staying competitive by applying the „The Boy Scout Rule“.

Explicitness over Implicitness

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Explicitness through documentation elevates co-workers. It improves communication, effectiveness and efficiency by enabling a continual improvement process through collaboration.



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Consistency is the building block of trust. Strategies on how to foster consistency in software development.

Core Principles

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An attempt at fostering sustainable software development by defining broadly accepted principles. Thus creating a decision making framework.